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Monday, November 09, 2009

2009 Blue Wave Black Belt Conference

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Killington Grand Resort was the host of our Black Belt Conference, as it has been for many years. We had a great turn out of almost 70 Black Belts ranging from 1st - 7th dan, ages 10 and up.

We covered a lot of ground - topics including:
1. Kicking combinations, Speed Kicking and timing Paddle Kicking Drills
2. Sparring rounds with and with out Scoring. Sudden Death Drills with scoring
3. Referee and Corner Judge Training
4. Poomsae - Kukkiwon standards review of Stance and Basics
5. Competitive Poomsae Training drills
6. P.D.R. (Personal Defense Readiness)
7. Variations of Warm up routines
8. Trick Kicking
9. Black Belt poomsae


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