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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Match Games

We had about 25 people participate in match games on November 13th. (Match Games are like a "scrimmage" for Taekwondo competitors)

We set up two rings with Electronic scoring. The matches started at 5:45, there were about 15 juniors (11 and younger) most of them had 3 matches by 6:45. The 12 - 17 year olds and adults started around 7, and wrapped up by 8:00.  

I think that Tournaments provide a fantastic learning experience for Taekwondo students. The problem is Tournaments often do not provide enough ring time, especially in single elimination. By throwing out the strict divisions, we simply lined the competitors up and matched them by Size (weight), Age and Rank - in that order. We had green and black belts fighting, yellow and red belts - no one cared because it was not about winning or losing, it was about learning and Having fun. The focus was on Performance, not Results. This is such an important concept for younger competitors.  

Other then Blue Wave students, a near by school ( American Martial Arts and Fitness )brought some students to join in the fun as well. 

Here is a short video of some match highlights.

I hope to do another match games soon, I will keep you posted, and hope we get even more interest. A big thank you to everyone that came and participated, helped run rings and officiate. We had some parents scoring matches which is great. Thank you to Master Robinson who traveled all the way from East haven to help us run things.


JC said...

Hi there, I see that your school of TKD follows the WTF style. I have tried a bit of WTF before but found it quite painful on the joints (especially the ankle)... do you do any conditioning for it?


Gordon White said...

we don't do any conditioning like makiwara work or anything like that.

If you are hurting your insteps and ankles it can probably be attributed to kicking technique (not chambering properly) and also to your partners not understanding how to "cover" with a straight arm, instead they hold the arms tight, and bent. This increases the chances of you kicking them in the elbows. (and also of them getting kicked in the head)


Ikigai said...

Good spirited competition! It seems like everyone had a good time and stayed safe.

Best of luck with your next competition.

the mma zone said...

what is the difference between your teaching and an ATA school?

Gordon White said...

ATA practices a version of Taekwondo known as Song Ahm. They do different forms, and use point style sparring rules. (stop action for points)

We follow forms and sparring format of the Kukkiwon and WTF. Often referred to as Olympic Style Taekwondo.

thanks for checking in!

BBat50 said...

I like your approach to tournaments. My bad feeling about tournaments has been that there's a lot of travel, a lot of tension, only a few minutes in the ring, and a lot of waiting around. And performance in the ring often has more to do with how well you handle the stress since most kids get so little tournament practice.

I think the focus on lots of matches to gain a lot of experience changes the formula and probably makes it very worthwhile.