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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Convocation of Combat Arts

I have not reported on the Ky Tu Dang Poomsae seminar yet, I will when I have a little more time, but in short it was awesome. 

In the meantime I wanted to encourage you to visit a new and improved Convocation of Combat Arts Site. Once a google group, and now a NING site the Convocation is growing quickly with quite a few martial arts bloggers (and their readers) from all over the geographic and style map. Click the Image below to check it out!


Nathan at TDA Training said...

Hi Blue Wave readers and students. Sabum White deserves much credit for pointing me to the Ning platform for the Convocation. He's also admin of the TKD forum group there.

Many thanks for your friendship and martial camaraderie.

Ikigai said...

I'll see you there Gordon!