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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poomse Seminar with Ky Tu Dang

This weekend on November 2nd, 8 Blue Wave black belts (including myself)  will be attending a competition poomse Seminar hosted by Master David Turgeon of CT. Chung Do Kwan.  The seminar will be taught by Master Ky Tu Dang of Denmark.  Master Dang won his division at the World Poomse Championship this past year, and placed 2nd the year before.  He is widely considered one of the best forms competitors in the world.  Here is a clip from YouTube of his division from 2006, he is the second competitor in the clip.  (Sorry I could not find one from the 2007)

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has been working very hard to develop the World Taekwondo Poomse Championships.  They have done a nice job at creating very clear, rules, guidelines, and scoring criteria.  USA Taekwondo (USAT) is on board and are including forms competition at their national events, and has named a National Team.

Ky Tu Dang begins around the 3 minute and 10 second mark

I will be sure to post again next week and report on the seminar, and hopefully post some pictures and Video.