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Monday, June 09, 2008

Taekwondo Times Article


After some prodding from family, friends and fellow Taekwondo instructors, I have written an article for Taekwondo times Magazine.  It will be published in the September 2008 issue, which hits newsstands the end of July.

The issue theme is (appropriately) The Olympics. My article is a description of how Taekwondo is played in the Olympics, including an overview of equipment, rules, scoring and techniques. There are some examples of commonly scored techniques illustrated with sequential photos.

Here are a few pictures from the Photo shoot.  Many thanks to Rajan Chawla Photography for taking the pictures and to Glenn Xiques for being my sparring partner.

Gordon White (red pads) and Glenn Xiques (Blue Pads) Gordon White (red pads) and Glenn Xiques (Blue Pads) gwroundhouse

A Second article I submitted will be published in the Online version of Taekwondo Times in December 2008. This articles covers the Korea Trip and Kukkiwon Instructors course I attended with some other Blue Wave Black Belts last summer.  You can read about the trip Here.


Bob Patterson said...

Congrats! How cool is that?

I read TKD Magazine so please post when the issue is on the new stands.

I can tell people I know that guy!



Gordon White said...

Sure Will! Thanks. gw

Colin Wee said...

How gorgeous are those photos. I just did some work for a magazine article ... and was stressing big time over the photos. My group usually takes crap photos. However, thankfully, the last session produced wonderful shots! Whew.


Gordon White said...

Thanks Colin. I was very fortunate to get those photos. They were done by a friend I work with who is a professional photographer.

What magazine are you submitting to? What is your article about?


Triple Citites Martial Arts Academy said...


these are very nice high qaulity pictures that where used, they really help get authenticity across and look really good posted on this blog