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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring Black Belt Work Out 2008!

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About three months ago, I realized that this month, (May) would be my 25th year as a Taekwondo practitioner. I understand that this may not be significant to anyone other then myself, after all, I know many people with at least 25 years, if not 35. Still, I wanted to have a party, so I decided to have a "Spring Black Belt Work Out" and do a dinner afterwards. I figured a good work out and chance to socialize afterwards would be all it would take to get a bunch of Blue Waver's together, I was right.

Since the Blue Wave Taekwondo School is above Nectars Restaurant, and Nectars is under new management with an awesome new Menu featuring Vermont Products, I decided we should do it there. They were very accommodating, giving us the entire upstairs (The Metronome Dance Club) set up a buffet style table with ribs, pulled pork, veggie burgers salad, etc.

We had nearly 40 people come and join in the Work out, and about 55 (including my parents and wife and daughter)at the dinner. Rather then waiting another 25 years, I would love for this to be an annual thing! It was a lot of fun.

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Colin Wee said...

What a fantastic idea Gordo ...! You know I'm hitting the 25th year anniversary of my joining martial arts at the end of this year too! I should send a present and thank you note to my first MA instructor. Colin