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Monday, May 12, 2008

Nathan Visits from TDA Training

Nathan from TDA Training stopped by the Burlington Blue Wave Last week! It was really great to meet him after all this time of reading his blog, and participating in the convocation of Combat Arts group.

Nathan was in Burlington on Business. (To sum up, he works for a company the designs and sells all the computer stuff inside of Police cars...very cool) He stopped by the gym and watched some of class, then we went out to the Vermont Pub and brewery and had a nice time talking about our similar addictions with the martial arts.

Thanks for coming by Nathan - looking forward to meeting up again!

Nathan posted about his visit to Burlington Blue Wave Here.


Colin Wee said...

When's the next time Nathan is going to be in Australia for business? Colin

Gordon White said...

Very Funny! I am sure he would not turn down the trip!


Nathan at TDA Training said...

Colin, I just noticed this. Is that an invitation?? I'm there!