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Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 USA Olympic Taekwondo Team

After the final phase of the Olympic Trial process, the 2008 USA Olympic Taekwondo Team has been selected. Two men, and Two women comprise the team, and also an interesting point, 3 of the team members are siblings.

The Lopez family has been known in the Taekwondo world for several years now, especially after Diana, Mark, and two time Olympic Gold Medal Winner Steven; all won Gold in their respective divisions at the 2005 World Championships.

The final member of the team is Charlotte Craig, a Bronze medalist at last years World Championships.

The team trials were not with out controversy. Diana Lopez needed to beat second seed, Olympic Silver medalist Nia Abdallah. The fight was scoreless going into Overtime. Diana scored a round house kick with 29 seconds left to win the match.

The match was posted on YouTube for a few days before being pulled for copyright infringement. I watched the match (several times), it was from some distance away, (too far for audio) and unclear as to what kicks were kitting hard enough to score.

It did appear that both players had kicks that looked like points that did not go up on the board. Given the fact that 3 out of 4 corners were needed to confirm a point, missing points is not uncommon. Nia kicked more often, and was the aggressor, but I trust the 4 corners scoring the match. In addition I watched the other matches (Mark Lopez Vs. Chris Martinez and Charlotte Craig Vs. Anees Hasnain) and these matches were scored with similarly high expectations for what was considered a point.

Visit USA Taekwondo for more informtion. I have also provided links to each of the team members bios below.

Charlotte Craig
Diana Lopez
Mark Lopez
Steven Lopez


BBat50 said...

Enjoyed the post. I look forward to commentary thru the Olympics. Right now, I'm living/breathing Euro 2008 football.

Norah said...

Thanks for writing this.