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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Video Clips

Things are going very well over at NING! It is a Blue Wave members only site for now, which makes it hard when friends from the blogging community want to join in, we are looking at ways to open it up eventually.

For now, here are 2 video clips from the NING site, one old and one new.

Firt the old one - this is taken from a video project I did when I tested for 3rd dan. I made Taekwondo Music video of sorts. I won't bore you with the entire thing, but here is the grand finale (no music) with a bunch of breaks and points from "early days" (1987 - 1990).

Find more videos like this on The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association

Next is a new clip. I have been wanting some forms video to use as tutorials. There are much better professional DVDs out there, but recreational students typically don't want to spend the money on these, so I am making some using Adobe premiere Elements. Here is TaeGuek Oh Jang. (Taeguek 5)

Find more videos like this on The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association

Thats all for now. I will try to do better with updating this blog with information from the NING site until we make it more public.

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