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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bradford, and one more night in Burlington

Grandmaster Lee taught two fantastic classes in Bradford on Wednesday night. The first had about 15 blue belts and lower. He covered basics, one steps, and Taeguek 1 - 3. The advanced class was well attended with about 25 students from 1st Gup to 6th Dan! Students not only from Bradford, but from East Haven, Hanover, Groton and Warren attended as well. We covered basic kicking combinations, poomsae from Taeguek 1 - Taebaek, and some sparring drills, attack - counter attack sequences followed by some step sparring.

Burlington class had 12 Students, including 10 black belts, a 3rd gup, and 1st gup. We had a good warm up, basics, Kicking combinations and Taeguek 4 - Tae Baek. We went out for a bite afterwards. See below for some pictures from the past two nights.

Grandmaster Lee is done teaching for this trip. Saturday we have our annual Blue Wave Golf Tournament to raise money for the BVT Scholarship Fund. I will try to have some pictures posted from that as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grandmaster Lee In Hinesburg

We had a great time at Blue Wave Taekwondo and Fitness in Hinesburg last Night. Mr. Monty had a lot of students attending the class with Grandmaster Lee.

After a warm up, we did some basics, basic kicking, Taeguek 1 - 3, one steps, and 3 kick combinations. The Hinesburg students looked great! The Montys have some very hard working and talented juniors coming up through the ranks.

Next Stop Bradford! We are headed down tonight for two classes. Blue Belts and down from 6:15 - 7:15 - and red stripes and up at 7:15.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grandmaster Lee In Burlington

Grandmaster Lee taught our all ranks class last night. We had a great time and a good group. The class was mostly lower ranks, which is always fun as Grandmaster Lee knows how to make the most basic techniques fun. Here are a few photos from the work out.

I am still gathering photos and Video from the High Dan Testing and Seminar we had in Dartmouth this past Saturday. It was a fantastic event and I will post about it once I get everything together. I am just noticing that Master Chase over at The Randolph Blue Wave Blog has some photos up from this past Saturday if you want to take a look!

We are off to see Mr. Monty and the Hinesburg Blue Wave Gang this evening!

Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Team Trials, Testing and a Wedding

Congratulations to my student Christian Centonze for winning the AAU Team Trials and becoming the fly weight team member for the 14 - 17 year old 2008 National Team. Christian had 5 matches to claim the spot. I could not attend the trials myself, so he was coached by his blue wave teammate Todd Sayles, who did an awesome job helping Christian through the day. Nice Work you guys!

We have started the new Schedule in Burlington this week. I enjoyed the 90 minute class on Monday, I think most of the students did as well.

Grandmaster Lee is here! He arrived September 7th, spent a week with Master Anthony at the Blue Wave School in Beverly MA, and is now in at the Sanford Maine Location. I pick him up this Saturday at Dartmouth College where we will be having a Seminar and High Dan Testing. Speaking of the High Dan testing, Good Luck to all the Candidates who will be testing this Saturday!

For Fourth Dan: John Kwiatek, John Scoglio, Brian Anton, Steve Hopkins Sandra Elliott

For Fifth Dan: Joe Anastasi, Milly Rhoades

For Sixth Dan: Mark Rathbun Delbert Reed

Some other things - congratulations to Joe and Amy Anastasi on their recent Wedding! For those that don't know, Joe is a member of the Beverly Blue Wave gym, and was my best man.(10 years ago!)

I was honored to be asked to conduct the ceremony. After applying for a JOP license in Massachusetts's I was allowed to do deliver the ceremony that Joe wrote. We had a GREAT time! Congratulations you guys!

upcoming topics...
  • Pictures and report on the testing and seminar this Saturday
  • Grandmaster Lee's visit and classes
  • A video demonstration of some of the concepts covered during the sparring section of the Kukkiwon Instructors course.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bong Wan Sa Temple and Summer Camp

I have been meaning to post these photos since I came back from the Korea trip. The location of both of these pictures is the same, Bung Won Sa temple, which is located behind (up the street) from Yonsei University. The one on the left, was back in 1992, on a group hike to take some outdoor Taekwondo photos. This particular building has been retired at this point, as the temple has grown and larger buildings have taken over.

Its been a busy time, as you can tell from my lack of posts, work has been busy, my daughter starting school again, and a whole SLEW of Taekwondo stuff is going on. Here is the hit list:

  1. New Class Schedule for Burlington Starting September 15th
  2. Grandmaster Lee coming to visit for the month of September
  3. Hosting a high dan (4th - 6th dan) testing September 22
  4. The 3rd Annual Blue Wave Golf Tournament,for the BVT Fund
  5. Teaching a Sparring Seminar for Milan Taekwondo October 6th
  6. Teaching a Sparring Seminar for Shugarts Martial Arts October 14th
  7. Preparing for Blue Wave Black Belt Conference November 2nd - 4th
I can't believe I have not even posted anything about BLUE WAVE SUMMER CAMP! This took place the first weekend of August. We had about 165 participants in one of the best Summer Camps we have ever had. There was a fantastic testing on Friday night, self defense and sparring seminars all day Saturday, pot luck cook out on Saturday night followed by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, and dodge ball and cribbage tournaments. Sunday we had forms and breaking seminars until noon, at which point we had closing ceremonies. Here are a few quick pictures to give you an idea as to how much fun we had:

Those of you in the states - hope you are enjoying the long weekend!