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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seminar Season!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been very busy the last couple of weeks.

Seminar Weekend in Michigan

I flew out to Michigan the Weekend of October 6/7 and taught two sparring seminars for Midwest Taekwondo. If you read the Korea Trip posts, you know who Master Gale and Master Panizzo are of Milan Taekwondo / Mid West Taekwondo. They were kind enough to invite me out to teach a seminar.

A bonus of the trip of course was that I got to hang out with Masters Gale and Panizzo. They showed me a bit of Plymouth MI on Saturday night, and Sunday before I flew home Master Gale and I took in the new Resident Evil movie. Honestly, can you ever get enough of Human Eating Zombies?

The first seminar was with 13 and under. We had about 20 kids. The seminar covered "run, jump, skip" style warm up, and covered basic kicking and steps, as well as free kicking, then we moved into paddle drills, and ended with some sparring.

The second seminar was for 14 years and older, and was 4 hours long. We had about 15 participants, almost all black belts. We did a quick warm up, some basic kicking, and jumped right into paddle kicking. We covered forward and back drills, offensive combinations. We took a 45 minute break to eat, and get suited up. The second half we did hogoo Drills (attack/Counter sequences) and finished up with some sparring.

Master Gale had a few other instructors participating, Master John Vasquez of Supreme Taekwondo, Mark Kanaar, (sorry didn't get the school name) and Erin Hoard of Infinity Taekwondo. It was really nice meeting and working with these other instructors.

Seminar II

This past Sunday I traveled to Feeding Hills MA where I taught an Olympic Style Sparring seminar at Shugarts Martial Arts. Master Shugart has been including Olympic Style Sparring at his school for almost 2 years now, and it is gaining popularity. We had a group of about 25 participants. We covered basic Warms ups that emphasize proper body mechanics for kicking, Full, Skipping, backward steps and 4 Basic Round house kicks. Offensive Rear and Front leg, and Defensive Rear and Front leg. The we continue with these techniques on kicking paddles and finished with some sparring. The seminar was about 3 hours long.

Other News...
The Burlington School is doing well. Our family classes have been pretty full lately, and the Saturday morning kids class is typically bustling with 5 - 9 year white and yellow belts.

Our next big association event is the Blue Wave Black belt Conference, which is being held the first weekend in November in Killington at the Grand Mountain Resort.

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