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Monday, October 01, 2007

Photos from Seminar and Testing at Dartmouth

Another Grandmaster Tae Sung Lee trip has come to end. We had a great time. Grandmaster Lee had the opportunity to do a lot of teaching, at a lot of different dojangs. Many Blue Wave students had the chance to experience a practice with him.

Its always hard for students to grasp that Grandmaster Lee is really one of the most senior Taekwondo instructors in the world. He has been Teaching Taekwondo since before it was officially called "Taekwondo", he is not only a 9th dan, but has students who are 9th dan. As far as his physical condition goes, you would never guess he is in his early 70's.

Here are some photos from the Seminar Grandmaster Lee taught at Dartmouth, as well as some photos from the 4th - 6th Dan testing that followed.

Seminar with Grandmaster Lee:

High Dan Testing:

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Blue Wave Golf Tournament, proceeds benefiting the Bruce V. Twing Scholarship fund. There were 8 teams, and a lot of hole sponsoring going on, total money raised was around $2000. A good day for us, I should have some pictures of that soon.


Colin Wee said...

Gordon - I just included a link to your blog from a post I made on side kicks.



Gordon White said...

Great! thanks for referring to the site and the video. Your blog looks great!

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