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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bradford, and one more night in Burlington

Grandmaster Lee taught two fantastic classes in Bradford on Wednesday night. The first had about 15 blue belts and lower. He covered basics, one steps, and Taeguek 1 - 3. The advanced class was well attended with about 25 students from 1st Gup to 6th Dan! Students not only from Bradford, but from East Haven, Hanover, Groton and Warren attended as well. We covered basic kicking combinations, poomsae from Taeguek 1 - Taebaek, and some sparring drills, attack - counter attack sequences followed by some step sparring.

Burlington class had 12 Students, including 10 black belts, a 3rd gup, and 1st gup. We had a good warm up, basics, Kicking combinations and Taeguek 4 - Tae Baek. We went out for a bite afterwards. See below for some pictures from the past two nights.

Grandmaster Lee is done teaching for this trip. Saturday we have our annual Blue Wave Golf Tournament to raise money for the BVT Scholarship Fund. I will try to have some pictures posted from that as well.

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