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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bong Wan Sa Temple and Summer Camp

I have been meaning to post these photos since I came back from the Korea trip. The location of both of these pictures is the same, Bung Won Sa temple, which is located behind (up the street) from Yonsei University. The one on the left, was back in 1992, on a group hike to take some outdoor Taekwondo photos. This particular building has been retired at this point, as the temple has grown and larger buildings have taken over.

Its been a busy time, as you can tell from my lack of posts, work has been busy, my daughter starting school again, and a whole SLEW of Taekwondo stuff is going on. Here is the hit list:

  1. New Class Schedule for Burlington Starting September 15th
  2. Grandmaster Lee coming to visit for the month of September
  3. Hosting a high dan (4th - 6th dan) testing September 22
  4. The 3rd Annual Blue Wave Golf Tournament,for the BVT Fund
  5. Teaching a Sparring Seminar for Milan Taekwondo October 6th
  6. Teaching a Sparring Seminar for Shugarts Martial Arts October 14th
  7. Preparing for Blue Wave Black Belt Conference November 2nd - 4th
I can't believe I have not even posted anything about BLUE WAVE SUMMER CAMP! This took place the first weekend of August. We had about 165 participants in one of the best Summer Camps we have ever had. There was a fantastic testing on Friday night, self defense and sparring seminars all day Saturday, pot luck cook out on Saturday night followed by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, and dodge ball and cribbage tournaments. Sunday we had forms and breaking seminars until noon, at which point we had closing ceremonies. Here are a few quick pictures to give you an idea as to how much fun we had:

Those of you in the states - hope you are enjoying the long weekend!

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