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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 8

The course continues to have to have great content:

  • Taekwondo Teaching Methods - Chun Taek Son
  • Taekwondo Demonstration Theory - Kyu Hyung Lee
  • Dan Poomsae Koryo - ShipJin - Ik Pil Kang

I really enjoyed the Teaching methods lecture, it was very academic, and drew on common well known theories to prove its points.

It feels like there are fewer changes to the Black Belt forms then in the TaeGueks. We went from Koryo through Ship Jin. There were some further questions on the TaeGuek forms and (luckily) some additional explanation - in some situations the hands come up into guarding position during kicking techniques. For example, in Taeguek 2, on the second wing, after the low block, the hands do not come up during the kick because the following punch comes from the hip. However in Taeguek 3, the hands come up during the first front kick, as the hand is extended for proper reaction force for the double punch. Its hard to explain with our a demonstration.

Group shot outside the Kukkiwon with Grandmaster Lee

Morning Poomsae Practice at the Kukkiwon

Grandmaster Hyung Kyu Lee giving the Theory of Demonstration lecture. He is very famous as he created the Taekwondo demonstration for the 1988 Olympics. He is from Chung Do Kwan background, and one of Grandmaster Lee's juniors.
The last day of the course is tomorrow. We will cover more Dan Poomsae, and Sparring tomorrow, as well as having closing ceremonies and the final exam.
Today is my Birthday - 38 years old, my 3rd birthday celebration in Korea. People were asking for some American style food, so I suggested a Chicken Wings! No one objected, we had a good time.


Harry The Horse said...

Happy Birthday, Gordon.
Hope you had a nice one in South Korea.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Master White!! I am sure you all will celebrate appropiately :-)


Susan said...

Happy Birthday! I am enjoying reading your day's events posted every day. I think it is almost as hot is Burlington Vt as Korea! Classes in Burlington are continuing well but we miss you of course.

Ms. Cronin

Peter said...

Happy Birthday-pretty neat to have it fall during the Course.

Sounds like you folks are not getting treated to GM Lee and the Kukkiwon demonstration team? That was one of the highlights for me.


Mike Ortega said...

Happy Birthday Sir!

Have some soju!

Mr. Ortega

Luc said...

Happy birthday!

The picture of Poomsae practice is great; I'd enjoy seeing more of those.


Kick3 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Master White, I hope you guys are having a great time.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip.