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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 7

(Pictures at the bottom of post)

Day 2 of the instructors course was excellent. We spent most of the day in the lecture hall. Lectures today were:

  • Fundamentals of Club Management - Dr. Jung Yoon Seo
  • Regulation for rank Promotion - Maser Byuung Sung Kim, Kukkiwon International Division
  • Taekwondo History - Dr. Ung Yong Ha
  • Competition Rules - Master Sang Hun Lee

The lectures were very good, I especially liked the History lecture which was done by a Non-Taekwondo practitioner. I think this was especially important because he was able to give a very non biased opinion about the History of Taekwondo and its origins.

While I enjoyed the open discussion of the Competition Rules, it was very much a question answer period, and not a real lecture. Many people wished for more of a formal presentation on rules, but I think the feeling is that a a referee course is where you are suppose to get that.

We finished the day with 90 Minutes of Poomsae, going first through TaeGuek 8, and then working back down again from 7 - 1. It felt great to work out after such a long day in the classroom. Taeguek 8 has no real changes in it.

We found out that the course will end on Friday night instead of Saturday. They plan to extend the time table on Friday night until about 7:00pm to give us the exam rather then having us come in on Saturday for it.

After training today we went out to dinner, and of course grabbed some ice cream, headed back to the hotel and did some video interviews. It got rather...silly...I think we will need a bloopers tape!

Mr. Kline (as expected) has quickly become the center of attention. He was asked to do a TV interview, (2 out of 129 people), he also lines up in the middle front line, and there fore required to yell a command (Jeoshop) to get everyone line up quickly. In addition, on 2 different occasions he has pleaded that leniency be given to some people who were late, and he dished out a mere 10 push ups to them. All the attention is stressing him out a bit, but the rest of us are proud to be part of the "Kline Kontingency".

BIG Thank you to Master Panizzo for bringing her camera today and insisting on taking some photos:

(click on them to see a bigger version)

Some more Classroom shots from this morning.

Master Gale had the fish for lunch, most of us declined it.

Action shots! Working on Poomsae on the floor, Michigan on the left and Blue Wave on the right. (yes, its humid)

2 of the 6 women participating came from our Crew, Mrs. Heathman (left) Master Panizzo (right)

Group shots, one after Training, one at Dinner.


Mike Ortega said...


Are the lectures offered in both Korean and English? How long do you get to train for after being in the classroom?

Mr. Ortega

Kick3 said...

I was wondering the same thing good question Ortega.

Gordon White said...

about 1/2 and 1/2. If they are given in Korean, there is a translator.