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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 6

First Day of Training at the Kukkiwon Today! Here are a couple of shots of us in the class room.

We started out with a lecture from Dr. Oh, the head master of the Academic Training for the Kukkiwon. He basically told us to: Be respectful, Try Hard, and don't be late. Afterwards we went outside for a group picture with President Um, (president of the Kukkiwon).

We had a good lecture from Grandmaster Byung Un Kim, on the basic structure of Taekwondo organization, The WTF (handles the sport of Taekwondo) and Kukkiwon handles the Martial Art of Taekwondo. He identified several unique aspects of each and discussed how they relate to a Taekwondo teacher. The afternoon covered basic techniques, (taught by Grandmaster Jung Kwan Lee, and Master Hyng Jun Noh) we also covered Taeguek 1 - 7. There were several things pointed out that were different then how we are doing them now, but they are mostly small differences. I have a bunch of notes on the day that I am too tired to post right now. I hope to get some more/better pictures tomorrow but its tough to do during training.

A few things to sum up:

Good Stuff:

  • Very International! there are tons of different countries here, 129 Participants total
  • The instructors are great
  • The lecture today was really interesting.
  • The weather has been a little humid, but it could be a lot worse

Other Stuff

  • Some times questions are asked in Korean and never translated
  • We are lined up by student number, I happen to be in the way back, which makes its hard to see and hear sometimes....but I am getting better at working around that.
  • Its a bit crowded, I think ths class is bigger then they expected.
  • Some people continue to show up late, which turns into a group lecture from Dr. Oh about respect and following the rules. Hopefully we won't have to deal with that anymore.

After the day ended we went out to eat with Grandmaster Lee. We headed back to the hotel had some ice cream and did some chatting about the day. Everyone is ready to turn in and get a good nights sleep!


Harry The Horse said...


I've been checking your blog daily. It's one way to keep in touch and it's also quite interesting. I'm glad you are having a great time in SK. Hey, any students from Malaysia there? If so, you can give them my gmail contact info for correspondence. All is well in BTV.

Gordon White said...

Hey Harjit, Glad you like the blog, its been fun keeping it going and letting people know how things are going over here.
Yes, there are several students from Malaysia. I am not sitting near any of them so I havnt had a chance to get to know them yet.

Glad BTV is still standing!
Thanks for the comment.

Peter said...

Am enjoying your blog! Say hello to Russ and Tanya.