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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 3

We had another great day today. It continues to be hot and humid, and constantly on the verge of a thunder storm, but we had some good luck and weather didn't prohibit us from doing anything out side.

First thing this morning we did some more Taekwondo equipment shopping, now I know that we have gone to the equipment stores everyday, but between the 8 of us there was a lot of comparison shopping to do! ;-)

After the shopping we went to Gyeonghuigung Palace, the Kukkiwon Demonstration team puts on a Taekwondo demonstration here twice a week. The demo was really great, I have some video to post of it when I get home.

We met up with Amanda here! It was really cool to meet in person, we also got to meet "good man" and her Sabumnin was in the Demonstration we watched. If you don't know what i am talking about, be sure to visit her Blog: Amanda Takes on Korea.

Most of us on this trip are avid readers of Amandas blog, is was fun to meet in person

Grandmaster Lee met up with us at the demo, afterwards we went out to eat at a Korean-Chinese restaurant. We had Mandoo (dumplings) and fried rice, and for dessert - of coure we hit starbucks!

After saying good bye to Amanda and Good Man we headed to Gyung Bok Kung Palace. This is probably the largest palace/park in Korea, and its quite beautiful. They are doing quite a bit of construction to the park right now, and have been for a while. It has really been improved since I was here in 1999.

This is from Gyeonghuigung Palace, where the demo was

The Bradford Blue Wave gang at Gyung bok Kung

Kings Throne (Gyung bok Kung)

GM Lee and I in a garden (Gyung bok Kung)

Another Shot of Gyung bok Palace

Russ Gale, Tanya Panizzo and I at Gyung Bok, we have really enjoyed having these guys with us. They fit right in with the "blue wave banter" we are so well known for. Some of you Blue Waver's known them from the 99 Korea trip, Master Gale has attended summer camp in the past as well. (10 years ago now wow!) You can visit there Taekwondo School site HERE: Milan Taekwondo.

On the way home we went on an adventure and walked home from a different subway stop, it ended up being quite a hike! We are going to all sleep well tonight!

More to come! Tomorrow we will likely hit Namsan tower, and we are meeting up with Buck Rogers, a long time Blue Wave black belt. He is a Dr. with the military, and he and his family are currently stationed here.


John Vesia said...

Nice pics, Gordon. Glad you're having a good time over there. Tell Amanda I said hi!

Amanda said...

It was so awesome to get to meet you guys!

Good Man said, "That was...wow, they have a lot of people."

I taught him the phrase "herding cats." Hee hee.

He also said he was quiet because "Westerners can just meet and talk to each other. Koreans need to have something in common." A true insight into Korean culture.

I will see you Wednesday night, again, probably! Let the cat herding continue!

Have a great day!

Gordon White said...

Hi John, thanks for stopping by!

Amanda, you were all the buzz with the crew. "herding cats" fits! They are a fun group of people, but when you add up the number of people, the language barrier and cultural differences (special ordering food just doesnt happen in Korea) it makes for some interesting situations!

Wednesday sounds good - I scored you some Wheat Thins from Buck when we visited him on base.

By the way, Good Man could also be called "good sport".

See you soon,