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Friday, July 20, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 2

We headed off to Ittaewon today. Ittaewon is a shopping area famous in Korea, its near the Army Base and is full of touristy type stuff - much of the items in ittaewon are of the fake Rolex variety, but they have some fun things too. Over the last 20 years, I have been to Korea several times, and every time Ittaewon changes, there are many more name brand retail stores now, and less independent vendors. Also not 1, but 2 Starbucks!

Getting some Calligraphy in Ittaewon

Hanging at Starbucks

After shopping we caught up with Grandmaster Lee back at the Kukkiwon, where he had just finished as an examer for a rank testing. We walked for about 15 minutes to the Chung Do Kwan Headquarters office where we met with Grandmaster Hae Man Park.

Group Picture with Grandmaster Lee and Grandmaster Hae Man Park (both seated) at Chung Do Kwan Headquarters. Also pictured a Grandmaster Ihm, another Chung do Kwan instructor.

For the non-Blue Wavers that read the blog - Chung Do Kwan is the family Lineage of Taekwondo that we belong too. Chung Do Kwan literally means "Gym of the Blue Wave" and is one of the original Kwans of Martial arts in Korea.

We went out to eat for Lunch after the meeting. Mr. Kline was very happy as we went to a the "Tofu House" restaurant.

Mr. Kline in front of the "Tofu House" (Vegetarian of the group)

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped back in the Taekwondo equipment stores near the Kukkiwon, (yes, again and it won't be the last time), then we continued to the hotel to regroup. We made a trip to visit Gyongbokkung Palace, unfortunately it was closed when we got there, so we could only see the out side, we will go back tomorrow to see it again. One the way back a quick stop at Tangdaemun Stadium for some Frozen Yogurt and Fruit.

The Outside of GyungBok Palace, more pictures of this tomorrow!

Everyone is back at the hotel headed to bed, it was a fun day but I think the adrenaline is wearing off the Jet Lag is really starting to show! I hope to meet up with Amanda tomorrow, her Sa bum Nim is in a demonstration we will attend at 2:00 PM (unless it rains).
More news tomorrow!

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