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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Korea Trip - Day 1

We had a great first day. Grandmaster Lee took us to the Kukkiwon today, we had an audience with President Won Kyu Um, (Kukkiwon President). This is a particularly special event for us, President Um is one of the pioneers of Taekwondo, and the most senior living Chung Do Kwan member.

Group shot at the Kukkiwon , the one with President Um is on a different camera.

After the Kukkiwon we went to a tournament that was about 90 minutes north of Seoul, one of Grandmaster Lee's Junior Masters (Master Shin) was able to get a Van, to take us all there. After the tournament we went out for a nice meal, (kalbi).

We got back to the hotel around 5:30 pm - rested for a bit, then 4 of us headed out to visit Jae H. Kim Taekwondo here in Seoul. A quick back ground on this, Calvin (my wife) came up through the ranks at the Jae Kim School in Boston, when I moved to boston I trained at Jae Kim (hence meeting Calvin) during the 5 years I lived in Boston. I really wanted to Visit the Jae Kim School in Korea since I was here. I had spoken with Mr. Kim before I left, and he made arrangements for me to visit the school.

I took 3 other black belt with me, and after a 2 hour Sub way ride we arrived for a 9:30 class. We had a fantastic time, and a great work out. There was a large class of about 20 people, we did a light warm up, some basics and then shield kicking. It felt great to work out after traveling(and sitting) for so long. The School is beautiful by the way. The nicest I have seen in Korea.

Its late now - almost 2:00am - so I am going to cut this short, and hit the hay, I hope to check in again tomorrow.

OH - Amanda Called today! We are going to try an meet on Saturday at Palace/Park that features a Taekwondo Demonstration on Saturday - should be fun!

I had a couple of people Post Comments - BBM and Nathan I think - some reason Blogger was in Korean and I rejected instead of accepting your comments - but I have managed to get it in English now, so please post again!

Group Shot at the Tournament - Thank you to Master Shin for driving us around in some heavy traffic today!

Sparring at the "Presidents Flag" Tournament

Group shot at Jae Kim Taekwondo

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Bob Patterson said...

Safe trip and enjoy yourself. How cool must it be to train in Korea?