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Friday, June 08, 2007

Its never too late to make a mistake

So, my blogging will be slowed for a while as my typing skills have been cut to 50%.

if you are interested in the story....

I have been doing my best to suit up with my students for sparring over the last few months for several reasons. 1st - its fun, 2nd - helps me stay in shape and 3rd, as long as the rounds are not too long, I can still be a decent sparring partner for my competitors getting ready for nationals.

So, Wednesday i managed to get my fingers kicked hard enough to break them.(left ring and pinkie) After nearly 25 years of Taekwondo, you would think I would have learned to keep my hands closed, after lecturing my students to keep THEIR hands closed, you would think I would know better...not so much.

I have had my fingers jammed before, this was the same, just worse. Apparently the knuckle joint is involved, I am going in for a surgical consult on Monday...all I know is that one way or the other, the cast comes off prior to me leaving for Korea in July.

By the way, I highly recommend the new style WTF gloves as they are designed to help keep your hands closed.

yes, that was sarcastic. (I have them, just wasn't wearing them.)


Little Cricket said...

Yow! Hope it heals up in time for Korea. So this happened while sparring with gloves on?

Take care,

Gordon White said...

oh no, sorry for the confusion, I think if I had been wearing a pair, my fingers would be OK.

Joan said...

Hi Gordon,
I'm so sorry about your poor hand! (xxxxkisses). It looks really serious from the pictures and I know the phys. therapy must be hurting. I hope it is improving and, if I know you, you wil get the cast off beford Korea. I hope it heals fast. BE CAREFUL WITH IT -- DON'T HURT IT AGAIN!
Have a good, safe, injury-free trip! We will all be thinking about you.
Lots of Love, Aunt Joan