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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Steven Lopez Wins 4th World Championships!

Many of you already know that the 2007 World Taekwondo championships are being held this week in Beijing China. It was just announced that Steven Lopez of the USA won his 4th straight World Championship today, beating Korea in Sudden Death over time. (Steven is pictured on the right in Red at the 2004 Olympics on his way to winning Gold there as well).

At this point, Steven is (unofficially) the most successful Taekwondo competitor of all time, winning 4 World Championships and 2 Olympic Gold Medals. If you are interested, here is a link to Stevens Profile.

In 2005, all 3 Siblings of the Lopez Family won Gold at the World Championships, unfortunately the "Three-Peat - Repeat" did not happen when earlier in the competition Mark Lopez lost to Korea in the Quarter Finals, and Diane Lost to Korea in Semis to claim Bronze.

You can get more information and updates on the World Championships at the following Locations:

USA Taekwondo - National Governing Body of Taekwondo in USA
WTF - World Taekwondo Federation, World Governing body for Taekwondo
OE Players - Taekwondo Forum
WCSN - On Line Sports Broadcasting

Side Note: The World Championships have competitors participating from over 120 countries, Steven had to fight 6 times in order to claim gold!


Bob Patterson said...

Good for him! When I look at someone like him I still get depressed!

What dan is he?


Gordon White said...

Interesting question, I believe he is 2nd dan. The WTF is the world governing body for the sport of Taekwondo, as long as you have a 1st dan, you can compete at any level. The Kukkiwon is the world Taekwondo headquarters, they are responsible for dan certification, poomsae, instructor training etc.

These two organizations have drawn a line between martial art and "sport"; rank clearly falls under the "art" category. there are many skilled athletes who never pursued rank after 1st dan because it just wasn't important to them and their goals.

thanks for posting a comment! I don't get too many.


Anonymous said...

Master White,
What are your feelings on the Electronic Hogus?

Gordon White said...

E-hogus seem to be moving in the right direction. I don't like how the La Just system (Used in the World Championships this last year) do not cover the Kidney area, and I don't like how they are unreliable in scoring back kicks. Its nice to see the legit points go up, regardless of where the exchange takes place in the ring.
As long as the tech continues to improve, I think they will help the excitment of the game, and accuracy of scoring.

thanks for posting,