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Monday, April 09, 2007

Part II: Paddle Kicking Drills using Checks and Traps

This next section will build off the last. We will continue to use basic steps as a "trap" and follow up with a round house kick.

This video demonstration adds two new techniques to the paddle drills. A full step forward, used to advanced, and set up the "trap", and a switch step round house kick; which is simply switching your stance, and executing a rear leg round house kick. The switch step round house kick is an important technique in that it allows for a more powerful kick then a front leg, and therefore increases the chances of scoring.

1. Forward Step, Followed by Angle slip step round house kick
2. Forward Slip Step, Followed by angle switch step round house kick

These drills can be done as a basic paddle kicking drill,with the target being held in place prior to the kicker moving, or the holder can drop the paddle into place after the trap-step has been executed, making the pace a timing drill.

Full Step, Switch Round House Kick Examples

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