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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mark Lopez VS Song Myung Sop

While I am working on the next paddle drill video .....

I found this match from the 2005 World Championships, of Mark Lopez VS the Korean Player Song Myung Sop. Its a really fantastic fight with very clear points, and a couple of unclear ones. In the 3rd round it looks like Mark may have received 1 point by accident, but in my opinion, it all came out in the wash as a couple of points were missed earlier in the match.

Its nice to see the basic techniques we work on in class all the time scoring in this match - the Korean Player has a fantastic fast kick, and Mark has extremely strong doubles and triples. Enjoy!

Note: If you click the arrow inside the picture twice the video will play in the blog, If you click the YouTube Logo, it will bring you to the YouTube site.

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