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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Testing

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association has 2 Black belt promotion tests each year. The first at Winter Camp, and the second at Summer Camp. (Typically held the first weekend of March and August respectively.

In the Blue Wave Association, (like many organizations) 1st Degree Black Belt requires 2 physical tests, the first is called Recommended, the second Decided. Typically its 6 or more months between the testings, 1st degree black belt is the only rank that we require the two stage testing.

At Winter Camp 2007 Testing, there were 9 candidates testing for 1st degree decided black belt, 10 for 1st degree recommended, 3 for 2nd dan, and 1 for 3rd. This was an average size testing for us, however the number of 1st degree candidates was quite large. This is GREAT NEWS as we see our Black Belt ranks continue to grow.

Congratulations to Everyone! Remember, Blue Wave Black Belt Conference is November 3 - 5 2007!

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