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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Sparring

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Winter Camp 2007 had some great sparring activities. Saturday night at black Belt testing the candidate had some excellent matches. (above)

We tried something new this year. Rather then having match games, we had a "practical" following the sparring Seminar.

For the Seminar, we split everyone up into three groups. 10 and Under,


and 13 and up.

Each seminar used hogus drills as the training method. After the seminar portion, we brought everyone into the main room. All the black belts lined up on one side, and we put all the gup ranks into 9 lines by Rank on the other side. Each gup rank came out, (one per line) and had to go get a black belt to come out and spar with. The last couple of rounds the requirement was they pick a black belt they didn't know, which was very fun.

Around 130 people participated in the sparring practical, everyone got at least 3 or 4 rounds in. This format proved to be much more inclusive then match games, (and less intimating) the only down side being higher level practitioners did not always get a chance to match up.


taekwondomom said...

Hello Mr. White--
Thanks for your post on my blog. I like the idea of having a goal for my training as a black belt--I will look at what BBM wrote!

Your blog is really cool. I'm curious about the camps--Winter Camp and Summer Camp. How do you work those? Are they some kind of intensive training?

Gordon White said...

Hi Taekwondo Mom,

thanks for stopping in!

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association is about 10 schools scattered around New England, we use our Summer and Winter Camps as weekend long seminars, the Friday night prior is when we do our black belt tests (1st dan and up) - it gives us the opportunity to have most of the instructors on the testing board which is great for feedback, quality assurance and makes for a special event. You can get a better idea from the Pictures section on our Web Site.

You can follow the BBM link over on the right side of the blog, there is the scrolling box with the various participants of the BBM Challenge.

Good Luck with your training!