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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Breaking

(Note: Sorry to anyone who does not see a picture of themselves, I tried hard to get as many different people posted as possible, but just did not have pictures of everyone.)

There was some great board breaking at Winter Camp. Testing on Saturday night was proof that people have been putting some work into their breaks Here are a few action shots of the recommended black belts breaking. The first is a series of a 360 Flying back kick:

The Decided Black Belts:

Dr. C - 360 Back Kick

Decided Poome (Jr. Black Belt):

2nd Dan Candidates:

3rd Dan:

11 Board Attempt - all cracked

9 Board- clearly broken, and a 360 Crescent

In addition to the testing break, Mr. Brochu taught a breaking seminar on Saturday afternoon.

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