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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paddle Kicking Drills

Its been a while since I made any technical posts. I want to start a series of paddle (target) kicking drills, but before I do, here is a short explanation of various types of paddle kicking. This is "old news" for many of you, but its an important starting point before we move into more advanced drills.

1. Paddle Kicking, Basic Drills. In this style of practice, the target is stationary, and the distance consistent with each repetition. The kicker is executing the technique at their own pace. This is used for technical practice, and is a great way for novices to work on new kicks, or kick combinations.

2. Paddle Kicking, Timing Drills. This style of kicking has the holder assuming sparring pace, and dropping the paddles into position for the kicker to react to. It is very important the holder make realistic steps and motion for this to be an effective drill.

3. Paddle Kicking, Speed Drills. In Taekwondo, speed is defined by the time it takes for the strike (foot or hand) to reach the target. In order to increase kicking speed, not only the speed of kick should be increased, but the speed that the athlete moves from one kick to the next. Speed drills typically call for the kicker to do the techniques in continuous motion, with no repetition reset.

Here are the clips in Windows Media Format format as well:

Basic Paddle Kicking Examples

Timing Paddle Drill Examples

Speed Paddle Drill Examples

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Testing

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association has 2 Black belt promotion tests each year. The first at Winter Camp, and the second at Summer Camp. (Typically held the first weekend of March and August respectively.

In the Blue Wave Association, (like many organizations) 1st Degree Black Belt requires 2 physical tests, the first is called Recommended, the second Decided. Typically its 6 or more months between the testings, 1st degree black belt is the only rank that we require the two stage testing.

At Winter Camp 2007 Testing, there were 9 candidates testing for 1st degree decided black belt, 10 for 1st degree recommended, 3 for 2nd dan, and 1 for 3rd. This was an average size testing for us, however the number of 1st degree candidates was quite large. This is GREAT NEWS as we see our Black Belt ranks continue to grow.

Congratulations to Everyone! Remember, Blue Wave Black Belt Conference is November 3 - 5 2007!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Sparring

(CLICK ON PHOTOS for larger View)

Winter Camp 2007 had some great sparring activities. Saturday night at black Belt testing the candidate had some excellent matches. (above)

We tried something new this year. Rather then having match games, we had a "practical" following the sparring Seminar.

For the Seminar, we split everyone up into three groups. 10 and Under,


and 13 and up.

Each seminar used hogus drills as the training method. After the seminar portion, we brought everyone into the main room. All the black belts lined up on one side, and we put all the gup ranks into 9 lines by Rank on the other side. Each gup rank came out, (one per line) and had to go get a black belt to come out and spar with. The last couple of rounds the requirement was they pick a black belt they didn't know, which was very fun.

Around 130 people participated in the sparring practical, everyone got at least 3 or 4 rounds in. This format proved to be much more inclusive then match games, (and less intimating) the only down side being higher level practitioners did not always get a chance to match up.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - One Steps, Self Defense

Like the other aspects covered at Winter Camp, One steps were performed both in Testing on Saturday night, and in a seminar on Sunday Morning taught by Mr. Tinkham and Mr. M. Ramini.

This was one of the first events where we did not have SPEAR/PDR Self Defense seminar. It was missed for sure! However, The Ho Shin Sul (Self Defense) displayed at testing looked good.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winter Camp 2007 - Breaking

(Note: Sorry to anyone who does not see a picture of themselves, I tried hard to get as many different people posted as possible, but just did not have pictures of everyone.)

There was some great board breaking at Winter Camp. Testing on Saturday night was proof that people have been putting some work into their breaks Here are a few action shots of the recommended black belts breaking. The first is a series of a 360 Flying back kick:

The Decided Black Belts:

Dr. C - 360 Back Kick

Decided Poome (Jr. Black Belt):

2nd Dan Candidates:

3rd Dan:

11 Board Attempt - all cracked

9 Board- clearly broken, and a 360 Crescent

In addition to the testing break, Mr. Brochu taught a breaking seminar on Saturday afternoon.