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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spin Hook Kick

Spin Hook Kick, Wheel Kick, Whip Kick, another technique with a lot of names.

A well timed spin hook kick can be devastating; as you can see in the Heavy Weight final of the 2004 Olympic Games:
Moon Dae Sung 2004 Olympic Final
The video is 7 minutes long, but "ends" at around 3 1/2 minutes.

Spin Hook kick can be used much the same way as Back Kick, a trapping technique or a straight counter. Here are some examples:

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Some of the clips are poor video quality, and look better in the Windows Media Format below. File size is about 3.5 meg.

Windows Media: Spin Hook Kick

Clip Notes:
Fight Clip 1: Kicker, Lesley Edquid, AAU Regional, 2004
Fight Clip 2: Kicker, me, MA States, 1998
Fight Clip 3: Kicker, Todd Sayles, Quebec Cup, 2003
Fight Clip 4: Kicker, me, Goodwill Games Canada, 1995
Fight Clip 5: Kicker, me, New England Open, 1994
Fight Clip 6: Kicker, me, CT. Classic, 1996

I find teaching Spin Hook kick a challenge. Students often bring the body around first, and follow with the kicking leg, this turns the kick into a Spin Crescent rather then hook. Another common mistake is arching the back, which typically comes from attempting to spot the target, this prohibits the leg from following through and limits the height of the kick.


Little Cricket said...

We have two different kicks called spin hook kick and wheel kick. I think one main difference is that in spin hook, we start by lifting the knee upwards, keeping torso straight, while in wheel kick, we start by swinging the leg up towards opposite shoulder, keeping the knee straight.

Gordon White said...

Hi LC,

Yes, I have heard that explanation of the 2 kicks before as well. If you watch enough skilled practitioners, you will see the spin hook/Wheel kick done effectively in several different ways. The trick is finding out which one works best for you!

thanks for stopping in,