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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Korea Trip 2007 - it has begun!

I have not posted any new video clips lately. With Winter Camp 2007 coming up next weekend, and other wonderful diversions (like taxes) my Blogging Time has been cut back. Don't worry - I will be back with some more fight footage, some more Blue Wave Taekwondo History, and a new section I want to start (by request) "Training Drills"!

Last night I had the pleasure to travel to Bradford Blue Wave to teach Black Belt class. What a blast! About 20 Red and Black belts. We focused on basics, Taeguek Poomse, and one steps. After class several black belts stuck around and we worked on Yundanja poomse as well. (Black Belt Forms)

This was the first group work out for the Korea Trip gang. This summer 6 of us are headed to the Kukkiwon Instructors course! Here is a picture of the motley crue, of course I will be tracking our training prep and trip here on the blog.


Amanda said...

You're coming to Korea, you're coming to Korea!!!

Keep me up-to-date on the details!

Gordon White said...

Will do!
We are all very excited. The instructors course is from July 23 - 28th, and we will likely be there for a few days before to site see and to visit with our grandmaster.

It would be awesome if we could all meet you at some point.


John Vesia said...

Headed for Korea, eh? That sounds like quite a trip. I had the opportunity to go to Okinawa with a group of karate people a few years ago, I just couldn't afford it at the time. You'll have your work cut out for you with the jet lag and all. Be sure to fly 1st class!

Gordon White said...

yes, Jet Lag is severe. Korea is 13 hours ahead of us, during travel over, we lose a day, (Leave Tuesday, Arrive Wednesday) on the way back, We leave and arrive on the same.

The Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) has offered this course for several years, always in the middle of July, probably the hottest time of year, and unfortunately the most expense time of year to get plane tickets!


Amanda said...

Yeah, July is a pretty gross time to be in Korea with all the rains. And it's just So. Darn. Hot.

I intend to be here then, though probably at a different job since my hogwon owner is a cheat who won't pay anyone... We should be able to meet at some point in there!