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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Korea Trip 2007 - it has begun!

I have not posted any new video clips lately. With Winter Camp 2007 coming up next weekend, and other wonderful diversions (like taxes) my Blogging Time has been cut back. Don't worry - I will be back with some more fight footage, some more Blue Wave Taekwondo History, and a new section I want to start (by request) "Training Drills"!

Last night I had the pleasure to travel to Bradford Blue Wave to teach Black Belt class. What a blast! About 20 Red and Black belts. We focused on basics, Taeguek Poomse, and one steps. After class several black belts stuck around and we worked on Yundanja poomse as well. (Black Belt Forms)

This was the first group work out for the Korea Trip gang. This summer 6 of us are headed to the Kukkiwon Instructors course! Here is a picture of the motley crue, of course I will be tracking our training prep and trip here on the blog.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spin Hook Kick

Spin Hook Kick, Wheel Kick, Whip Kick, another technique with a lot of names.

A well timed spin hook kick can be devastating; as you can see in the Heavy Weight final of the 2004 Olympic Games:
Moon Dae Sung 2004 Olympic Final
The video is 7 minutes long, but "ends" at around 3 1/2 minutes.

Spin Hook kick can be used much the same way as Back Kick, a trapping technique or a straight counter. Here are some examples:

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Some of the clips are poor video quality, and look better in the Windows Media Format below. File size is about 3.5 meg.

Windows Media: Spin Hook Kick

Clip Notes:
Fight Clip 1: Kicker, Lesley Edquid, AAU Regional, 2004
Fight Clip 2: Kicker, me, MA States, 1998
Fight Clip 3: Kicker, Todd Sayles, Quebec Cup, 2003
Fight Clip 4: Kicker, me, Goodwill Games Canada, 1995
Fight Clip 5: Kicker, me, New England Open, 1994
Fight Clip 6: Kicker, me, CT. Classic, 1996

I find teaching Spin Hook kick a challenge. Students often bring the body around first, and follow with the kicking leg, this turns the kick into a Spin Crescent rather then hook. Another common mistake is arching the back, which typically comes from attempting to spot the target, this prohibits the leg from following through and limits the height of the kick.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Axe Kick

When I first started competing in Olympic Style Taekwondo, the Axe Kick was a bomb. The idea was to bring it up as high as you could, and drop it as hard and fast as possible.

Over the years, to accommodate for increased speed of the game, the Axe Kick became more linear. It was chambered similar to a front kick, rather then executed with a straight leg. In addition, the kicking leg was brought up only 3 - 6 inches higher then the target.

For me personally, Axe kick worked well for "kicking on the motion" of my opponent. That is to kick on the opponents forward motion, but not necessarily waiting for them to kick.

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Windows Media: Axe Kick
Clip Information:
Clip 1: 1996 World Cup
Clip 2: 1996 President Cup
Clips 3 &4: 1993: USTU (USAT) nationals