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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trapping Back Kick

In part two of the Back Kick series, I have some examples of Trapping back kick. This could be considered an offensive application of back kick, because the back kicker is making a motion or kick to draw a counter from his/her opponent, this is called a "trap". The counter attack of the opponent is what opens them up for the back kick.

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Trapping Back Kick

Information on the video clips:
clip 1, 1996 World Cup, Back Kicker - me
clip 2, 1998 MA States, Back Kicker - me
clip 3, 1995 Olympic Festival, Back Kicker - me
clip 4, 2003 Quebec Cup, Back Kicker - Taylor McNally-Anderson
clip 5, 2004 US Classic, Back Kicker - Todd Sayles


John Vesia said...

A good counter against a foward-leg roundhouse kick is the spin-around back kick. Back kicks are great as a follow up with other techniques, especially if you can get your opponent to back up in a straight line.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi John,

You are right, back kick is a great counter to round house kick to the open side. I love watching how different fighters adjust these 2 basic techniques to work for them.

David - thanks for dropping in, your blog is very in depth!

I would be happy to do a link exchange, I added yours under "Other Blogs".


Dartmouth TKD said...

Hello Master White, thanks for stopping by our blog!
It's a lot of fun reading all the information here. Very cool videos - any chance of mac compatibility in the future? :)


Unknown said...

I suppose, I ought to be either posting in both WMV and Quicktime, or posting to youtube or something....hmmm, let me see what I can do!


Kick3 said...

Love the video's!!! Just figured out how to leave a comment. Boy am I a computer nerd or what.