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Thursday, January 18, 2007

High Section Back Kick

Here is the video post of High Section Back kick. Technically, the kick works the same way, often done with a slight jump, but with an upward trajectory. Sometimes the face is hit by accident, with the kick sliding up the chest pad, or the attacker lowering their body.

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High Section Back Kick

Back Kickers: 2 very talented Blue Wave Athletes!

Clip 1 & 2: Christian Centonze 2003 Quebec Cup
Clip 3: Sara Sayles, Dan Do Cup 2006
Clip 4: Christian Centonze, WTM Tournament, 2004


[Mat] said...

Nice kicks!

Gordon White said...

Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

how is the sparring practice with Bogus going?


John Vesia said...

Sometimes the face is hit by accident

Gordon, I thought head shots were permitted in sport TKD. Maybe I'm thinking of Olympic rules.

Gordon White said...

I thought head shots were permitted in sport TKD.

It is allowed. WTF rules are what governs Olympic Taekwondo, and also the USAT, AAU, and most open "olympic style" competitions.

What I meant was that sometimes the kicker is aiming for the hogu, but the defender gets hit in the face because the kick slides up their chest, or the defender inadvertently lowers their head getting hit in the face instead of the body.