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Monday, January 29, 2007

360 Round House Kick

360 Degree Round House kick, back turn kick, hurricane kick, tornado...this kick seems to have more names then most!

From Right leg forward stance, the kicker takes an advancing step by turning towards the back shoulder, and pivoting on the right foot. When the left leg has come around 180 degrees, a right leg round house is executed. This can be done stepping, (putting the left foot down) or jumping as shown in the video.

To be more cross platform friendly I am trying out dropshots to embed the demonstration clips. You can still download a higher quality .wmv file below.

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This kick is effective in sparring, but is also popular as breaking or demonstration kick. When working on this kick for sparring, remember to keep the back straight (maintain a good posture, do not lean back). If kicking with the right leg, after you begin the turn, reach toward the target with your left leg, do not begin to kick with the right leg until the left is in line with the target.

Clip Information: More dinosaur era footage! The demonstration footage is recent, but the fight clips are from (in order):
1991 Vermont State Taekwondo Championships
1998 MA State Taekwondo Championships
1991 USTU (now USAT) National Championships

Thursday, January 18, 2007

High Section Back Kick

Here is the video post of High Section Back kick. Technically, the kick works the same way, often done with a slight jump, but with an upward trajectory. Sometimes the face is hit by accident, with the kick sliding up the chest pad, or the attacker lowering their body.

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High Section Back Kick

Back Kickers: 2 very talented Blue Wave Athletes!

Clip 1 & 2: Christian Centonze 2003 Quebec Cup
Clip 3: Sara Sayles, Dan Do Cup 2006
Clip 4: Christian Centonze, WTM Tournament, 2004

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trapping Back Kick

In part two of the Back Kick series, I have some examples of Trapping back kick. This could be considered an offensive application of back kick, because the back kicker is making a motion or kick to draw a counter from his/her opponent, this is called a "trap". The counter attack of the opponent is what opens them up for the back kick.

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Trapping Back Kick

Information on the video clips:
clip 1, 1996 World Cup, Back Kicker - me
clip 2, 1998 MA States, Back Kicker - me
clip 3, 1995 Olympic Festival, Back Kicker - me
clip 4, 2003 Quebec Cup, Back Kicker - Taylor McNally-Anderson
clip 5, 2004 US Classic, Back Kicker - Todd Sayles

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back Kick!

In Olympic Sparring matches, a well timed back kick is always a crowd pleaser. It is difficult to perform, exciting to watch, and a powerful kick.

The development of back kick can be traced from side kick and spinning side kick. Because of the fast nature of Olympic sparring, the spinning side kick was often too slow. The kick was modified so that the kicking leg traveled very close to the standing leg, and straight back (with toes down), rather then coming around from the side like a typical side kick.

Here is the first of a 3 part series of Back Kicks.

Counter Back Kick: From defensive position, the kicker holds their ground, or adjusts backwards as the attacker approaches. Timing is crucial, and the kick is best executed as the attacker turns towards the defender (typically) attacking with the rear leg to the open (front) side. Note: Counter Back Kick is often done with a jump.

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Counter Back Kick

Stay tuned for posts on "Trapping Back Kick" and "High Section Back Kick ".

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Old Back Flip Video

I have a "Back Kick" technical post I am working on, but it probably won't be posted until Sunday...I have some video editing to do, but I promise it will be worth the wait!

I did come across this old (1989!) video clip of me doing a board break I have not done in many years, and probably won't be doing again any time soon. But I am posting this as a challenge to some able bodied Blue Wave Black Belt to do it for our next demo.

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Back Flip Board Break - 1989