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Friday, December 01, 2006

Grandmaster Bruce Twing - History Post 2

Grandmaster Twings first exposure to the Martial arts was when he joined Airforce in 1960. He was stationed in Glasgow Montana where he started training in Judo under a man named Sargent Hudson. (Grandmaster Twing didn't give me a first name)

This picture is of Grandmaster Twing (2nd from left) after a Judo demonstration at the Airforce base in Glasgow, 1963. Sargent Hudson is standing on the right end.

Sargent Hudson encouraged Grandmaster Twing to extend his time in the Airforce, and request to be sent to either Korea or Japan so he could continue his martial arts training. He did this, and was sent to Osan, South Korea.

When he arrived at Osan he immediately visited the Judo gym and signed up. The instructor was a man named Master Ahn, he was an 8th Degree black belt who had studied with Judo's founder Jigoro Kano.

As you can imagine, Grandmaster Twing was very busy while at Osan, training in both Taekwondo and Judo. It paid off though, as he came home with a 1st degree black belt in both arts. Here is a picture of Grandmaster Twings 1st Dan Judo Certificate, from the Kodokan.

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