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Monday, December 04, 2006

Drills From Black Belt Conference

We are going to take a little break from the history posts, but don't worry, there is a LOT more of them to come.

I have been meaning to document the sparring (Paddle) drills I taught at black belt conference. Mr. Sayles and Xiques helped me record some video for the Cut Step drills on Saturday that I included below. (Pictures above)

The seminar built from the 4 basic styles of Round house kicks used in Olympic Style Taekwondo. (Note all Video Clips are between 1.5 - 2.0 meg each.)

1. Offensive Back Leg Round House

2. Offensive Front Leg Round House (fast kick, running round house)

3. Defensive Back Leg Round house (Slide Back, Pada Chagi)

4. Front Leg Defensive Round House (Draw Back, Front leg Pop)

After Reviewing these techniques, we moved on to implement a cut step (45 degree step) one starting with the kicking leg in back,(Slip Cut step) and one in front (Switch Cut Step).

1. Slip Cut step, followed by Round House; Kicking leg starts in back

2. Switch Cut step, followed by Round House; Kicking Leg Starts in Front

The, kicker assumed sparring pace, and the holder would put down a paddle on either the right or left side, then the kicker had to react to the target, either doing the slip step, or the switch step.

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