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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blue Wave Taekwondo Festival 2006

The Taekwondo festival on Saturday was a blast! We had nearly 90 participants for match games, from 5 to 58 years old, and everyone got at least 2 matches. (many got 3 or 4). We started at 10:30, and were packing up by 3:30.

This was a chance for people to experience a scored match (Matted rings, Electronic scoring) with out the stress of it being a "Tournament". We also did several learning matches, teaming up a black belt with a gup rank.

There was a 15 minute demonstration during the lunch break. Some forms, Self Defense and Breaking demonstrations.

I LOVED this event. Its all about experience, learning and self improvement. I would like to see it be expanded to include some Forms, Breaking and even One Step Demonstrations in the future, or perhaps make a second event to include aspects other then sparring.

I hope to add some Video Clips, and additional pictures. (Yes, there were a LOT of adults sparring). Thanks to Sonja Buckholts for getting me the pictures you see here.

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