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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Black Belt Conference 2006

Black Belt Conference 2006 was AWESOME. We had 50 Blue Wave black belts in attendance, and Grandmaster Lee was there to train all of us!

Seminars Included:
  • Dissection of Movement: Master Blais taught a seminar that had us break up into groups, and dissect various techniques into their components. It was a very helpful exercise in analyzing how we teach.

  • Basic Techniques: Grandmaster Lee put all of us through basic technique combinations.

  • Sparring Techniques: I taught a paddle kicking seminar using Offensive and defensive round house kick with cut 45 step

  • SPEAR/PDR: Master Rathbun and Mr. Anastasi taught a great seminar. The majority of the time was spent doing ballistic mirco fights from different scenarios.

  • POOMSE: Grandmaster Lee taught 2 Poomse Sessions, a 1st - 3rd dan session, Covering Taeguek 7, 8, Koryo,Keumgang, Taebaek, PyonWon. Also a 4th dan and up seminar covering Koryo - Chonk won

  • One Steps: Grandmaster Lee taught one steps, including some from Kneeling position.

  • Break Out Sessions: Round Tablet discussions about teaching, equipment, testing standards, events etc.

Saturday Night we had a nice banquet/dinner followed by some card playing in the "Crows Nest" room at Mt. Ascutney.

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