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Sunday, November 19, 2006

BBM Challenge

In my search for other Martial Arts related blogs, I came across, Black Belt Mama .
Swing by her site. Especially if you are a Taekwondo student AND a parent.

She has presented a fitness challenge to anyone who would like to take it. Here are the steps:

1. create a (fitness)goal
2. have a plan
3. write about it
4. Link to the BBM challenge. (I did this in the sidebar).

If you don't have (or want) a blog, but want to write about your goal, feel free to post in the comment links here.

As many of you know, Summer 2007 some of us are headed to Korea to particpate in the Kukkiwon Instructors course. I really want to be in good shape for that, so this seems like a good challenge for me. I have started the process and will write it up this week some time.

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