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Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Ranks and Competition Training

Since I am just getting started with this, I will likely list things out in more detail, and then refer back to them in future posts rather then listing them out again.

Notes from Classes held on Wednesday November 1st, 2006.

All Ranks Class

Participants: 11

We had a great all ranks class tonight. After our typical warm up, and dynamic stretch routine, we moved on to the following paddle drills:

Lines of four people. 3 Reps left, 3 Reps right, 2 rotations of holders.

1. Round House Kick, followed by Slide Back Round House Kick
2. Fast Kick Followed by Slide Back Round House Kick
3. Round House Kick followed by skip in Ax Kick
4. Running Round House Kick followed by out to in crescent/Ax
5. Round House Kick followed by 360 Round House Kick kick. (Stepping or jumping)

The remainder of class was split between basics and forms practice, with 5 - 10 minutes of 3 Kick combinations and kick counter kick partner drills.

Competition Training
Participants: 12

We had good turn out for competition training. We started with a general warm up, stretch kicks and basic steps:
1. In Place Alternating Fast Knees
2. In Place consecutive Fast Knees 10 Right, 10 Left
3. Moving forward Fast Knees
4. Running Step Knee up (continuous motion)
5. Skipping Step Knee up (continuous motion)
6. Pada step Kicking motion (continuous motion)

Basic Technique on Targets (Paddles and Kick Shields) Lines of 3, 1 minute per leg, 2 holder rotation:

1. Back Leg Round House Kick- any round house kick originating from rear leg, for example, Off the line Round House Kick, Skip Step Round House Kick, Slide back Round House Kick and Pada Chagi

2. Front Leg Round House Kick- any round house kick originating from the front leg, for example Fast Kick, Draw back, Switch Kick etc.

3. Doubles -

4. Back Kick - on the RIOT kick shields

Partner Hogu Drills

These drills should be done at Sparring pace; both offensive/defense roles are attempting to score.

1. Closed Stance, Rear Leg Round House Kick attack, Rear leg Round House Kick counter

2. Closed Stance, Front leg attack, Front leg counter attack. For example: Fast kick Attack, Draw back Counter, or Running Round House Kick attack, Switch step Round House Kick counter.

3. For this drill, the stance orientation is determined by attacker. Any Round House Kick style attack, (open or closed side, front or rear leg), either Pada Chagi or Back Kick counter.

We finished the training session with several 75 - 90 second sparring rounds.

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