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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Grandmaster Bruce Twing - History Post 1

Most Blue Wave students know that Grandmaster Twing began his training in 1964, at Osan Airforce base in South Korea while on his military Tour. Here is a picture of Grandmaster Twing in front of the Chung Do Kwan gym sign:

Grandmaster Tae Sung Lee was his instructor, and after 13 months, or training 4 plus hours a day, he came back to the states with his 1st dan. Here is a scan of the original certificate and ID card.

Full Size Certificate.

Front of ID Card

Back of ID Card.

Its interesting to see that the names: Chung Do Kwan, Tae Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and even Karate appear in various places on all of these pictures. In addition, the ID card is signed by both General Choi and Won Kyu Um, who at the time were president and director (respectively) of both the Chung Do Kwan, and the Korea Taekwondo Association.

The mid 60's in Korea were a time of a lot of change and "shaking out" of what would eventually develop into what we know Taekwondo (in its various forms) to be today.

stay tuned - more to come!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chest Pad Product Review

One of the things I want to include on my blog are product reviews. I love Taekwondo gear! Let me know if there are any specific products you would like to see reviewed.

Lets get Started with Hogus - Chest Pads. We are going to talk about 3 different brands of Hogu today, I will try to add some others at another time.

Adidas - Multiple Vendors Carry Adidas Hogus
Retail Cost: $45 - $60

Pros: This is likely the most common Hogu on the market. Its has huge name brand recognition, is good quality, fits well and gives good protection.

Cons: Expensive! The wholesale cost on these chest pads are double that of many other decent hogus. Also, as of late, the Adidas Hogus have been cut a little bigger. I have ordered form 2 different vendors and received larger then normal size 4s.

Retail Price: $50, likely cheaper from your instructor

Macho has 2 wrap around Hogus. last year, they released the "Deluxe Tournament Hogu" . It has a very large cut, and is not practical for Olympic Style sparring.

This year, they are offering a much better chest pad, called the "Competition Hogu".

Pros: Good design, High hip cut, light weight. The Retail price is not that much different then the Adidas, but the wholesale cost is about 1/2. This allows instructors to sell it to students for less then the Adidas and still make a little profit.

Cons: runs small. I typically wear a size 4. The equivalent for the Macho Hogu is a Large, and I felt like it was small on me. I only see this as a "con" because the largest size is XL. There is not as much protection (a little softer) then the Adidas, but I would still consider it a "hard" hogu.

You can see the size different here between an Adidas 4, and Macho Large.

Dae Do
Retail Price: $50 (approx)

Pros: This is a very nice Hogo. Good quality, and has a comfortable cut. It is about the same weight as the Adidas, and similar hardness. Wholesale cost is cheaper then Adidas by about $10.

Size Comparison with the Adidas Size 4

Cons: poor availability in the states. The only place I have found you can purchase these are from MDSS Canada which is a great company to deal with, but ordering large quantities from Canada to the US can be a hassle.

Final Thoughts: The most important thing is that the hogu fit you well, and does its job protecting you. For the me, I can wear any of these hogus and accomplish this. I think its worth shopping around before you buy. Take a look at what people are using at your gym, and give them a closer look. Also, ask your instructor before purchasing, they may have further insight for you and might be able to get a better price then if you order it yourself.

Other Hogu Options:
5 Rings From Dynamics World
Competition Hogu ($45) from Kwon
Elite Hogu(~$30) from Xplosive TKD
Vision Platinum Chest Guard ($45) from Vision Martial Arts

Sunday, November 19, 2006

BBM Challenge

In my search for other Martial Arts related blogs, I came across, Black Belt Mama .
Swing by her site. Especially if you are a Taekwondo student AND a parent.

She has presented a fitness challenge to anyone who would like to take it. Here are the steps:

1. create a (fitness)goal
2. have a plan
3. write about it
4. Link to the BBM challenge. (I did this in the sidebar).

If you don't have (or want) a blog, but want to write about your goal, feel free to post in the comment links here.

As many of you know, Summer 2007 some of us are headed to Korea to particpate in the Kukkiwon Instructors course. I really want to be in good shape for that, so this seems like a good challenge for me. I have started the process and will write it up this week some time.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Black Belt Conference

Black Belt Conference 2006 Video - 6.5 meg

Here are a couple of group shots from the end of the conference (thanks Mrs. Williams). Also, a link to a short video that Ms. Pavlo put together.
Getting good pictures and video at this event was a real challenge, due to poor lighting, but we did the best we could!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Black Belt Conference 2006

Black Belt Conference 2006 was AWESOME. We had 50 Blue Wave black belts in attendance, and Grandmaster Lee was there to train all of us!

Seminars Included:
  • Dissection of Movement: Master Blais taught a seminar that had us break up into groups, and dissect various techniques into their components. It was a very helpful exercise in analyzing how we teach.

  • Basic Techniques: Grandmaster Lee put all of us through basic technique combinations.

  • Sparring Techniques: I taught a paddle kicking seminar using Offensive and defensive round house kick with cut 45 step

  • SPEAR/PDR: Master Rathbun and Mr. Anastasi taught a great seminar. The majority of the time was spent doing ballistic mirco fights from different scenarios.

  • POOMSE: Grandmaster Lee taught 2 Poomse Sessions, a 1st - 3rd dan session, Covering Taeguek 7, 8, Koryo,Keumgang, Taebaek, PyonWon. Also a 4th dan and up seminar covering Koryo - Chonk won

  • One Steps: Grandmaster Lee taught one steps, including some from Kneeling position.

  • Break Out Sessions: Round Tablet discussions about teaching, equipment, testing standards, events etc.

Saturday Night we had a nice banquet/dinner followed by some card playing in the "Crows Nest" room at Mt. Ascutney.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Grandmaster Lee Rocks lil-ole-Bradford!

As usual Mr. Kline and the Bradford Blue Wave impressed us with large turn outs for both the White through Green stripe group, and the Green belts and higher.
Grandmaster Lee really hit his stride tonight, covering basics and forms, as well as kicking combinations with both groups. Grandmaster Lee is a living example that Taekwondo can be a life long practice. Here is a short video clip of him teaching

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grandmaster Lee Teaches in Hinesburg

Grandmaster Lee taught two great seminars last night at the Hinesburg Blue Wave. The first group was lower ranks, he focused on basic technique, stance, and the importance of a good Kihap. The second group were more advanced ranks. I put everyone through a warm up and basic kicking. Then Grandmaster Lee had everyone do kicking combinations, including the dreaded JUMP kick combos. We finished the night with Taeguek 3, 4, and 5. Next Stop Bradford!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grandmaster Lee has arrived!

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Associations Grandmaster Instructor, Tae Sung Lee is visiting for a few weeks. Last night he taught in Burlington, tonight we will visit the Hinesburg School, and Wednesday a road trip to Bradford.

Grandmaster Lee is a 9th dan, and one of the Chung Do Kwans most senior instructors. Now in his 70's, he is still a very active Taekwondo practitioner.

Friday, November 03, 2006

video clips added

I took some video clips at the gym last night. The idea is to have a running list of video clips that demonstrate the various drills I refer too.

I updated the post from Wednesday with clickable links to the drills that I taped. I also created a " Demonstration Clips" section in the upper right hand corner of the page where I will keep a running list of them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Ranks and Competition Training

Since I am just getting started with this, I will likely list things out in more detail, and then refer back to them in future posts rather then listing them out again.

Notes from Classes held on Wednesday November 1st, 2006.

All Ranks Class

Participants: 11

We had a great all ranks class tonight. After our typical warm up, and dynamic stretch routine, we moved on to the following paddle drills:

Lines of four people. 3 Reps left, 3 Reps right, 2 rotations of holders.

1. Round House Kick, followed by Slide Back Round House Kick
2. Fast Kick Followed by Slide Back Round House Kick
3. Round House Kick followed by skip in Ax Kick
4. Running Round House Kick followed by out to in crescent/Ax
5. Round House Kick followed by 360 Round House Kick kick. (Stepping or jumping)

The remainder of class was split between basics and forms practice, with 5 - 10 minutes of 3 Kick combinations and kick counter kick partner drills.

Competition Training
Participants: 12

We had good turn out for competition training. We started with a general warm up, stretch kicks and basic steps:
1. In Place Alternating Fast Knees
2. In Place consecutive Fast Knees 10 Right, 10 Left
3. Moving forward Fast Knees
4. Running Step Knee up (continuous motion)
5. Skipping Step Knee up (continuous motion)
6. Pada step Kicking motion (continuous motion)

Basic Technique on Targets (Paddles and Kick Shields) Lines of 3, 1 minute per leg, 2 holder rotation:

1. Back Leg Round House Kick- any round house kick originating from rear leg, for example, Off the line Round House Kick, Skip Step Round House Kick, Slide back Round House Kick and Pada Chagi

2. Front Leg Round House Kick- any round house kick originating from the front leg, for example Fast Kick, Draw back, Switch Kick etc.

3. Doubles -

4. Back Kick - on the RIOT kick shields

Partner Hogu Drills

These drills should be done at Sparring pace; both offensive/defense roles are attempting to score.

1. Closed Stance, Rear Leg Round House Kick attack, Rear leg Round House Kick counter

2. Closed Stance, Front leg attack, Front leg counter attack. For example: Fast kick Attack, Draw back Counter, or Running Round House Kick attack, Switch step Round House Kick counter.

3. For this drill, the stance orientation is determined by attacker. Any Round House Kick style attack, (open or closed side, front or rear leg), either Pada Chagi or Back Kick counter.

We finished the training session with several 75 - 90 second sparring rounds.